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Westermann Studio was founded by Sara Westermann in 2020. Crafting experiences in the worlds of fashion, music, sport, entertainment & technology. Focusing on print and digital.


3. Adidas Athletics

a) Adidas Athletics FW20

b) Adidas Athletics FW20 / In collaboration with Oswaldo Rodriguez

ADIDAS HQ / Germany, 2018
Typefaces Frivole by Eliott Grunewald, ECAL Typefaces
and Opposit, Good Type Foundry
Workshop with Hassan Rahim (NYC)
Photography Art Direction by Berto Herrera

            These are some explorations for Adidas Athletics FW20 which started with a beautiful workshop with Hassan Rahim orchestrated by Berto Herrera. Thermal photo treatments, expressive typography and duotone graphics try to illustrate the art direction of the upcoming years of Athletics. Focusing on contemporary themes like the future of humanity through artificial inteligence and code-driven systems.

c) Adidas Athletics FW20

            Below some t-shirts for Women Athletics SS19 for the US market in an oversized fit and energetic color palette inspired by the world of racing graphics.

d) Adidas Athletics SS19

e) Adidas Athletics FW19 / In collaboration with Shamma Buhazza

            For Athletics FW19 I partnered up with Shamma Buhazza focusing on a collection driven by Adidas branding and logo saturation. Bold colors, repeated graphics and geometric shapes try to elevate a more feminine silhouette. Hoodie designed by Alison Chernesky.

f) Adidas Athletics FW19 / In collaboration with Shamma Buhazza

            Below are some explorations for Adidas Athletics, following the main themes and directions like United by Sports and No Borders.

g) Adidas Athletics Explorations

h) Basketball Explorations